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How to install gta 5 apk on mobile

Here is the installation guideline of gta 5 on android device step by step

  1. Install the gta 5 apkĀ 
  2. During the installation of the apk file gta V, you may be asked to install unknown apps from other sources.
  3. Go to the setting.
  4. Open apps settings.
  5. Find the options for Install unknown apps
  6. Click allow on Allow from this source.
  7. Then complete the install of gta 5 apk.
  8. Open the gta 5 apk
  9. Now the games will start loading.
  10. If you host the gta v data file in your internal storage then you can play the game smoothly. Otherwise, follow the next step.
  11. There are two options one is downloading the gta 5 apk’s data file manually and another option is direct.
  12. For manual install, you have to create the data folder.
  13. Goto your storage ( you can also host the files from SD card also) then find a folder named Obb.
  14. Inside the OBB folder, you will see a folder name com.rockstargames.gtav
  15. If you can’t see a folder, then maybe you do not host the installed gta5 apk on that storage. So find to figure it out you installed that gta 5 apk on your Built in ROM or in the SD card.
  16. If you couldn’t find that folder in both obb, then please create a folder manually by the same name com.rockstargames.gtav
  17. Now extract the
  18. Paste that unzipped data file to that folder.
  19. Now open the gta 5 apk again.
  20. This time you can successfully play the gta 5 game on your android mobile.
  21. If you still stuck on that or getting have any error, please comment below, our team or other users maybe helps you to solve that.

Features of this GTA 5 APK

There are many features included in this game. But if you compare it with your Playstation or PC, then its nothing. But minimizing that there are many eye-catchy features with it. So let’s talk about this.

The map is the first thing to notice. You can see the maps on your left site below, you can use your finger to zoom it in. The area is quite big. But you can’t access the whole city because of the data file limitation. To access the whole city u have to download the all data file of the gta v apk for mobile.

Second, thing is that the vehicles. There are thousands of vehicles you can see in the grand theft auto five game. There is many color variation you can see. The most amazing part of this the plane. I mean airplane. You can get any if you want.

Another main feature is that you can play it online with your friend. Just sign up and play online with your friends. Here you can make your own plan and can find the crew you want.

Problems of GTA 5 APK on playing in Android

First of all this not the official release by the rockstar games. This the mod version of the PC GTA 5.

So we need more resources to play the game like in Playstation or in PC. But we have a limitation on Android mobile phones.

The main problem is that the latency. You may have seen the lag when controlling the touch joystick.

The response is slow. Let’s clear it. The gta 5 apk emulates the data file. However, the data file is actually the PC version which is for windows OS. But here is the Android OS. So that’s why the response is slow. We are working on improving it for playing the gta 5 on mobile without any lagging.

The next problem is the graphics. The graphics are not clear enough as like as the PC. Whenever you will play the grand theft auto five on your android mobile can compare it to your PC grand theft auto v clearly with the graphics.

And finally, the problem is with the virtual on-screen controllers! you can not focus on the game because the controllers will occupy the approx the whole screen.